Archiwum wykładów profesorów wizytujących

Poniżej zamieszczamy informację na temat wykładów profesorów wizytujących, którzy odbyli wizyty na PG w ramach Projektu.

W semestrze zimowym 2013/2014 odbyły się następujące wykłady:

  1. prof. Luciano Segreto, University of Florence, Włochy: "Corporate Governance around the World. Towards a Converging Model?" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  2. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Helmig, University of Stuttgart, Niemcy: "Modeling coupled multiphase processes in porous media" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)

W semestrze letnim 2013/2014 odbyły się następujące wykłady:

  1. Prof. Suiliang Huang (Nankai University, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin, China): "Interactions between flow, sediment transport and pollutant migration in aquatic environment: From experiments to mathematical modeling" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  2. Krzysztof Woznica (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieures de Bourges, France): "Physically and geometrically non-linear structures – FE solution" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  3. Dr. Ing- Carlos Toro (Vicomtech Research Centre, Spain): "Organizational Experience Management and Engineering with  Semantic Enhancement and Reflexive Ontologies: Computerized Formalization with Applications in Smart Decision Support Systems" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU) 
  4. Prof. Andrzej S. Nowak (Auburn University, USA): "Reliability of structures" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)     
  5. Prof. Patrizia Marti (University of Siena, Italy): "Designing interaction towards experience, aesthetics and embodiment" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  6. Dr Marcin Zieliński (University of Strathclyde, UK): "Non-invasive and non-contact monitoring techniques for surface and sub-surface engineering problems. Recent advances in experimental and numerical tools" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)

W semestrze zimowym 2014/2015 odbyły się następujące wykłady:

  1. Prof. Dr. habil. Dieter Scharnweber (TU Dresden, Germany): "Biosurfaces" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  2. Prof. Slobodan Mirchevski (Ss Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Macednia): "Energy efficiency in electric drives" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  3. Dr. Peter Márton (University of Žilina, Slovakia); "Computer simulation - how can we use it to support decision-making in solving of transport problems? Examples from railway transport"  (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  4. Akane MATSUMAE, M.Eng., J.D (Saga University, Saga, Japan): "Business Model Architecture to create and deliver Human Centered Value to market - incorporating users' and business' perspective" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  5. Prof. Francisco Jesus Fernandez Morales (University Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain): "Bioelectrochemical technology. Environmental remediation with energy production" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  6. Prof. Mykhaylo Dorozhovets (National University, Lviv Polytechnic, Lviv, Ukraine): "Evaluation of the uncertainty of measurement results obtained in science research" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  7. Prof. dr. Johan Verbeke (KU Leuven, Belgium; Aarhus School of Architecture, Dennmark): "Quality of doctoral research and fundamentals of Research by Design" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  8. Dr Charles W Knapp, PhD (University of Strathclyde, UK): "Microbial ecotoxicology - bacterial interactions to emerging pollutants in the environment" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  9. Prof. Len Gelman (Cranfield University, UK): "Novel advances in mechatronics: development and application of radically novel time-frequency signal processing to complex electromechanical systems" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  10. Dr.-Ing. Peter Starke (Saarland University, Germany): "Advanced aspects of metallic materials" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  11. Prof. Marko Čepin (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia): "Assessment of Power System Reliability - Methods and Applications" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  12. Prof. Luciano Segreto (University of Florence, Italy): "The world we live in - beyond globalization process" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  13. Dr.-Ing. Christian Boller (Saarland University, Germany); "Structural Health Monitoring" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  14. Dr Jacob Bortman (Ben Gurion University of Negev- Beer Sheva, Israel): "Modern engineering technology in aviation and medical fields" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  15. Prof. Mladen Radujković (University of Zagreb, Croatia): "Building project management competences for achieving better project performance results" (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)

W semestrze letnim 2014/2015 odbyły się następujące wykłady:

  1. Prof. Jens Jörn DAHLGAARD (Linköping University, - Linköping, Szwecja): The Evolution of Quality, TQM, and Business Excellence Models: Theory and Practice (cases) (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  2. Prof. Su Mi DAHLGAARD-PARK (Lund University, Institute of Service Management - Helsingborg, Szwecja): The Human Dimension of Quality Management – motivation, commitment, personal leadership, team learning, organizational excellence – Theory and Practice (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  3. Prof. Annik MAGERHOLM FET (Norwegian University of Science and Technology -Trondheim, Norwegia): Environmental Management and Social Responsibility in global value chain - a theoretical and methodological approach exemplified with cases from the maritime industry (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  4. Prof. Maria PIETRZAK-DAVID (INPT - ENSEEIHT - LAPLACE Laboratory  - Tuluza, Francja): Modelling and Control of the Multi-Converts / AC Multi-Machines for the Embedded Systems (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  5. Prof. Len Gelman (Cranfield University - Wielka Brytania): Novel vibration and acoustical technologies for condition monitoring of complex rotating and reciprocating machinery (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  6. Prof. Melina-Spiridoula KOTTI (Technological Educational Institute of Crete - Chania, Grecja): Absorption of several pollutant compounds from water on activated carbon and determination of them by HPLC (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  7. Prof. Peter MATEJA (Odette School of Business; University of Windsor - Ontario, Kanada): Business Strategy (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  8. Prof. Sofia MORGADO (University of Lisbon - Lizbona, Portugalia): Metropolis: Challenges, Planning, Design (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  9. Prof. PeDro GARCIA (Lusofona University - Lizbona, Portugalia): Sustainable Waterfront Regeneration (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  10. Prof. Leszek S. CZARNECKI Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, USA): Energy Flow and Compensation in Systems with Nonsinusoidal and Asymmetrical Voltages and Currents (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  11. Prof. Giorgio GASCO (Bilkent University - Ankara, Turcja): Antiurban Visions: Radical Alternatives to the Traditional City alongside the 20th Century (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  12. Prof. Tomasz HUECKEL (Duke University - Durham, North Carolina, USA): Geomechanics for energy and the environment: experiments, mechanisms and models (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  13. Prof. Roberto BASILE (Second University of Naples - Caserta, Wochy): Industrial dynamics, innovation and regional growth in Europe: theory and empirical evidence (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  14. Prof. Brent D. RYAN (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, USA): Contemporary Urban Design: Confronting Global Challenges (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  15. Prof. Waldemar W. Koczkodaj (Laurentian University, Sudbury, Kanada): Using pairwise comparisons for better decision making related to the radiation pollution cause by electromagnetic field (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  16. Prof. Mirosław J. SKIBNIEWSKI (A.J. Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland - College Park, USA): Web-based Tools for Traditional and Agile Engineering Project Management (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  17. Dr Christine SWITZER (University of Strathclyde - Glasgow, Szkocja): FrankenSoils (1) - Soil contamination and remediation in an era of austerity and sustainability (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  18. Dr Charles KNAPP (University of Strathclyde - Glasgow, Szkocja): FrankenSoils (2) - Restoring "life". Strategies for the restoration of formerly contaminated lands (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  19. Prof. Eric FLORENTIN (INSA Centre-Val-de-Loire - Blois / Bourges, Francja): Finite element and error measures: basis and extensions (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  20. Prof. Hayley H. SHEN (Clarkson University - Potsdam, USA): Granular Flows (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  21. Prof. Hung Tao SHEN (Clarkson University - Potsdam, USA): Sediment Transport (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  22. Prof. Bertrand NOGAREDE (Université de TOULOUSE, France): Advanced Electrodynamics : from high speed electrical machines to smart electroactive structures (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  23. Prof. Jiři ŠIMŮNEK (University of California - Riverside, USA): Numerical Modeling of Water Flow and Solute Transport in Soils Using HYDRUS (including Preferential Flow, Colloid-Facilitated Solute Transport, and Various Biogeochemical Processes) (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  24. Prof. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria) : Model Uncertainty and Spatial Econometric models - applied tools for growth and technology analysis (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  25. Prof. François PIGACHE, (INPT - ENSEEIHT - LAPLACE Laboratory (Electrical Power and Plasmas Laboratory, Francja): Piezoelectricity: material properties for sensing and actuating (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)

W semestrze zimowym 2015/2016 odbyły się następujące wykłady:

  1. prof. Giulio MUNZ (University of Florence, Włochy): A public research laboratory in an industrial wastewater treatment plant: challenges and opportunities (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  2. prof. Jianxiang HUANG (The University of Hong Kong): Environmental Technologies & Sustainable City (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  3. prof. Len GELMAN Cranfield University (UK): Vibration Analysis of Complex Electro-Mechanical Equipment: from the Theoretical Bases to Industrial Applications (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  4. prof. Adalberto DEL BO (Politecnico di Milano, Włochy): Renaturalization of Cities. The relations between the city and the nature elements. (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  5. prof. Romolo CONTINENZA (L'AQUILA UNIVERSITY, Włochy): GIS (Geographic Information System) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies for conservation and restoration of the Historic Heritage (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  7. prof. Petro RAITER (Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Ukraina): The advancement of decomposition techniques for data processing in scientific researches. Recent advances in singularity localization and fractal properties evaluation tools (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  8. prof. Phillip SANGER (Purdue College of Technology, USA): Managing Product Development and Stimulating Innovation - Essential Tools and Soft Skills Workshop (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  9. prof. Jean-Luc SCHANEN (INP Ense3, Laboratoire de Genie Electrique de Grenoble (G2Elab), Francja): EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) in Power Electronics (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  10. prof. Alvaro Videla LEIVA (Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile): Short Course on Energy Efficiency Improvements in Massive Comminution Circuits (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  11. Prof. Rüdiger SCHMIDT (RWTH Aachen University, Niemcy): Nonlinear Structural Mechanics with Application to Composite and Smart Structures (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  12. prof. Michel FILLON (CNRS – Université de Poitiers – ENSMA, Francja): ThermoElastoHydroDynamic Study of Journal and Thrust Bearings (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  13. prof. Patrizia MARTI (University of Siena, Włochy): Technology management and interaction design for social innovation (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  14. Dr Irene CURULLI (Eindhoven University of Technology, Holandia): Industrial Heritage and Architectural Reuse (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  15. prof. Ruth BERGEL-HAYAT (University Paris-Est, Francja): Time series modelling of traffic safety trends (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  16. prof. Olav Torp (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Uncertainty analysis and management in projects (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
  17. prof. Len GELMAN (Cranfield University, UK): Foundational lectures for engineering applications: from classical to advanced / novel digital signal analysis (ABSTRAKT WYKŁADU)
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